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In the online store of SIS Zalog you can browse the current available items divided into four main categories and request online for their purchase. An application for pledge allows you to find with what amount we can finance you and under what conditions, without visiting our offices. You need to sell your car or technique urgently? We can do this within two hours.

Head office:

Address: 140“G.S.Rakovski” str.. Fl.4 Sofia Bulgaria
Telephone: 02/988 85 95
Mobile phone: 0893 391 576;
Е-mail: info@siszalog.com

Branch Yambol
Address: 51“Gotse Delchev” Str. , Yambol, Bulgaria
Mobile phone: 0894 419 087
Е-mail:  iambol@siszalog.com

Branch Razgrad
Address: 12“Vardar” Str. , Razgrad, Bulgaria
Mobile phone: 0899 983 647
Е-mail:  razgrad@siszalog.com

Branch Vratsa

Address: 82“Petropavlovska” Str., Vratsa, Bulgaria
Mobile phone: 0896 660 124
Е-mail: vraca@siszalog.com