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In the online store of SIS Zalog you can browse the current available items divided into four main categories and request online for their purchase. An application for pledge allows you to find with what amount we can finance you and under what conditions, without visiting our offices. You need to sell your car or technique urgently? We can do this within two hours.

General conditions for loan disbursement:
Our team is keeping your pledge until the loan is repaid as follows:
Vehicles- on 24- hour secured parking
Machinery and equipment- in secured store
Gold and Precious metals- in safe in secured area
There are no fees for repayment of loan ahead of schedule and no penalties for delay. The interest due is calculated until the exact day of loan reimbursement. In case the client doesn’t repay the loan, Pawn shop Sis Zalog Ltd. has two possibilities:
1. When the loan amount doesn’t exceed EUR 2 500- The pawn shop has the legal permission to sell the pledged property by itself;
2. When the loan amounts is over EUR 2 500- the pledged property need to be sold throw a public sale;